Oculus quest head strap mod

20.02.2021 By Mukasa

The Oculus Quest is quite a comfortable VR headset when you first unbox it and play around with it for a few hours. Once all that new magic has settled though, you soon uncover some of its quirks.

oculus quest head strap mod

These are all things that surface after some time of owning a Quest, and many enthusiasts have already taken it upon themselves to overcome these issues by modding their Oculus Quest into a more comfortable headset, to bring back that same magical feeling of what it was like to put it on for the first time.

This new accessory for the Oculus Quest may not appear to look like much, but once you get one wrapped around the rear straps of your Quest, you wish you had done it sooner. The product is simple to fix onto the Quest.

You simply fit the foam padding to the inner side of the head strap and fold over the Velcro tabs around each band of the stock head strap to secure it in place. That first magical experience I described earlier came back again. It feels great, and the first thought I had was that I had less pressure on the front of my face because the Foam Pad attached to the straps added an extra level of grip to the back of the head and took some of the weight off the front.

So I am thankful that this product from VR Cover dropped when it did. The size of the head strap cover I received from VR Cover is the thicker foam pad option, which measures 17mm in thickness. There is a thinner 10mm thickness of foam pad you can also opt for, but I feel this thicker padding adds more bulk to the back of my head to help with the headset drop I was experiencing regularly without it. The thicker 17mm version also helps not only create a snug fit, but it is also recommended for use with children or those that have a smaller head shape.

Like the front padding from VR Cover, the head strap foam pad is also made from their PU leather material. This makes it also hygienic by being able to remove and clean it or wipe it down with a cloth after use. Sure this is something you can do with the stock plastic strap it wraps around, but being able to remove it to clean it is an added bonus by keeping your headset hygienically clean.

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QuesTON Counterweight System - Oculus Quest Comfort Mod

Oculus Quest 64GB Enough for general apps. Oculus Quest GB For heavy users or media files.

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oculus quest head strap mod

What's Trending. How to: Update and check your Oculus Quest firmware.I hope this will help anybody who are looking for ways to improve the comfortability of their Quest headset. New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide.

Click here to go to the Developer Forums.

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GreyGhost99 Posts: July in Oculus Quest. If you dig down far enough, you will find this info but I hope it gets pinned to the top here for a long time. This actually works and makes the Quest fit like it should. I am writing this under my son's account. He has some really sophisticated VR setups, from several years back.

We first saw the VR hopefuls at Siggraph 20 years ago Dactyl Nightmare anyone? You all know this too. I did get the padded strap for the head and that helped, but no I got the padded cover for the faceplate but no I see where people are using batteries and even a soup can to hang on the back for balance Pulled all the wiring off - carefully no damage - and followed this youtube video.

5 Oculus Quest Hardware Mods for Better Comfort

Don't need a brand new one either. Tagged: oculus quest comfort headset audio youtube. Spuzzum Posts: July edited July To take that comfort a step further The 20mm padding is the most comfortable thing I've ever had on my head. It literally hugs my skull. It also doesn't soak up the sweat like the original padding in the DAS. The DAS on it's own was a little loose around my ears, making it so I had to crank the strap tight to my face.

But with the 20mm padding The back used to want to ride up because of the weight I don't need to crank it so tight either. July MythingLynx Posts: Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email. Oculus Quest is an awesome achievement in engineering; no other standalone VR headset offers the quality, rock solid positional tracking, ease of use, and competitive price point as Quest.

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Quest is front-heavy, and you only need an hour with the g 1. A crank-style ratcheting system, much like the one employed on the Oculus Rift S, is also a bit better suited for quick adjustments. Thankfully the mod is also entirely reversible, leaving no permanent sign on your precious Quest. It does however make it slightly less portable, as the DAS is a bit larger and less flexible than the original Quest strap system. Adding your own external battery to the back of the strap can not only help you rebalance the headset, but also give you more juice for longer play sessions.

You can go as simple as securing the battery with zip ties, or a more elaborate clip system you can either 3D print or order from sites like Amazon. An option that can be used in concert with counterweights is extra over-head straps, which help to better redistribute weight evenly across the head. This also adds a little more bulk to the back portion for the headset, which essentially makes it counterweight too.

The more you use your Quest, the more oils, sweat, grime and general face-related garbage will eventually absorb into the facial interface. VR Cover is far from the only game in town though, as Amazon has blown up with functionally similar options that range from simple cloth coverings to silicone gaskets. And there you have it, a few nifty ways of keeping comfortable in Quest. If you have any hacks, mods, or brilliant ideas, let us know in the comments below! The physical properties of the headset is not the best for comfort out of the box sure, but as this article shows that can be fixed.

However the absolute worst comfort issue for me is the low specs of the headset, like the low refresh rate of 72hz. With Quest I suffer more from sim sickness when using smoothfree locomotion in games then any other headset. I had the same issue with sim sickness on the Oculus DK2 75Hz. Good idea for an article. You should do the same kind of article on the various audio mods for Rift S.Us too, but probably not as much as Jeramey Polcyn.

Polcyn walks you through his work in the video above and provided us with these other images. As for the buckles, Polcyn advises looking out for this type of fit. His design arrives just in time for the official VR support for Breath of the Wild. Nintendo will patch VR support into the original game for free on April 26th. Jamie has been covering the VR industry since having come from a gaming and technology background.

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Oculus Quest Mods? Hi, I am very interested in getting a Oculus Quest but I am concerned with the comfort for my self and my son. Has anyone done any of the mods or bought some additional thing to improve it?

I have seen lots of mods using the Vive deluxe audio straps frankenquest I think its called but they are basically out of stock everywere now so I think that is no longer an option. So is there any alternative for ? Only mod i'm trying currently is adding a battery pack to the back for weight distribution and a new softer face mask I dont think it needs much more than that. I would interested to hear how that works outI have seen pictures of a few people using velco to attach either a weight or battery acting as a weight also.

I have also seen a couple of additional straps that are for sale that get mixed reviews on how well they work to move some load from the top of your head.

I value any information on these if anyone has one. I would also be interested in any quest user who has no issues, are the comfort issues being over played? Last edited: Jan 15, Hors1na Well-known Member.

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I have owned a quest since just before Christmas and have done no mods to it all and find the comfort just fine. I've played it until the battery died and had no issues. RockSteddie Active Member. I really think it comes down to the size and shape of your head. I have a smallish head and I do find the Quest to be rather uncomfortable, mainly the pressure on the the cheeks and nose area.

I also find the original foam on the faceplate to be a bit scratchy. So far I've added a Anker powerbank to the rear strap to act as a counter weight and also added a Studioform head strap to the top front of the Quest head strap which provides more support and helps redistribute the weight to the forehead. Lastly a new PU leather face cover from VR cover which is much nicer that the original Quest one in my opinion. All the mods make the quest much more comfortable for me and I can now use it for extended periods of time without issue, it is still not perfect but I'm happy for now.

So many people say the Rift S Halo head strap is much more comfortable so it's a shame Oculus could not implement a similar solution for the Quest so we would not have to shell out extra money to make things more comfortable! Thanks for the reply - as it stands after much research I think I am going to get the Rift S over the Quest even in light of my pretty low IPD and hope I can deal with it.Attach the one-piece foam pad to the original head strap and enjoy the comfortable cushioning at the back of your head.

With the extra layer in place, your headset will feel more snug-fitting and stable, even in active VR workouts. The soft foam also helps relieve pressure, so you can play longer and better. The pad comes in 10mm and 17mm thick. Both versions will suit gamers seeking a soft padding for better wearability but the thicker 17mm pad is especially recommended for younger players or those whose headsets feel too loose and need a padding for a firmer grip.

To clean it, just give the PU leather surface a quick wipe down. Have a look at our hands-on video. Like our Vegan leather foam replacements, these are designed to be wiped clean between uses.

We recommend anti-bacterial wipes for the best results. Care Instructions: The Foam Pad can be wiped clean with antibacterial wipes. How long does shipping take? We offer two shipping options: Standard and Express.

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Oculus Quest HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Mod (Aka the FrankenQuest - improve Oculus Quest Comfort)

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oculus quest head strap mod

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